"...an absolutely beautifully engineered piece of equipment... When you put this track together there is not a single millimeter gap to be found anywhere which makes the track extremely smooth... This thing is as rigid and sturdy as a tank."
Axel Ebermann, Cinematographer - NYC

"Smoooooooooth....." it is so smooth compared to using the CamTram system on an aluminum ladder, the higher priced ladder systems or 2x4 local construction, there simply is no comparison. The Track in the Box and the CamTram, when combined are truly a "Professional "Hollywood" Experience".
JEL-LO Productions - Miami / Toronto

"There are endless ways of integrating motion and perspective change into your footage...none as quick, compact and precise as the CamTram/Track In The Box combo." 
DP, John "Kosmo" Kosmaczewski

"I've been on TV for 30 years and I have never seen anything quite like it.  Very smooth and simple, that's why I like the Track In The Box"
Chris Berman, Sportscaster - ESPN

"...I decided on the CamTram because of it's versatility, compact size and easy transportability. The only snag... there wasn't an easily transportable track system to go along with it.  Now there is with "Track in the Box".  Nine feet of "over engineered" track that packs up into a Storm Case. ...Now you have a track system that's as portable as the Cam Tram itself."
Chris Bell, DP- North Carolina
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