NO NEED FOR SHIMS​:  There are (4) heavy duty adjustable swivel feet for fast, precise leveling.  One on each corner of the track.

NO NEED FOR A LEVEL:  There are (4) already built onto the track itself.  One on each roll-off preventer and one on both 9' rail sections.

ONLY ONE TOOL NEEDED:  Every heavy duty machine screw used for the 'Track In The Box' is exactly the same.  All you need is to do is slightly hand tighten them with a 5/16 allen wrench (included). 

RUGGEDLY RIGID:  Perfect for all sized cameras.  Capable of carrying significant payloads across a 9' span with zero flex.  Other tests showed only a 1/4" dip in the center of 15' span while carrying more than a 40 lb payload.  

POWDER COATED:  Electrostatically charged anti reflective black powder is baked onto each track in order to produce a high specification coating which is hard, abrasion resistant and tough​.

ROAD READY:  Ready to roll in an indestructible, wheeled Storm Case.  The entire case weighs only 70 lbs making it the world's finest portable track for the CAMTRAM System.